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Holy Family Catholic Church

Diocese of Leeds: Charity Number 249404

Rev Maurice Pearce: Presbytery 12 Green Lane, New Wortley, LEEDS LS12 1HU

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Session 2
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ
This week we met in the presbytery front room and this time there were twelve, the same as the number of Apostles. We had lost two and gained nine. We found out about some famous people the group knew of and then how they would describe Jesus (see the posters below). Jesus was fully man and fully God. This was the subject of much debate in the early church and the Nicene Creed was an agreed statment of belief about this and other matters of doctrine. We say the Creed each Sunday at mass although at the moment, during Lent, we are saying the shorter Apostle's Creed

Sunday 24th March (including Saturday Vigil) is the enrolment mass for the candidates so please attend with your parents on Saturday evening 6:30pm or Sunday morning 10am. You will be asked to come to the front after the homily (sermon) with your commitment form to give to Fr McGrath, which one of the Confirmation leaders should give to you at the start of mass.

We next meet on Wednesday 27th March.

Famous people poster 1a
Famous people

Famous people poster 1b
Famous People

Jesus description 1a
How would you describe Jesus?

Jesus description 1b
How would you describe Jesus?

Jesus description 1c

How would you describe Jesus?