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The Organ Before Removal

Before the organ was removed picture, sound and video recordings were made.

You can see a film of the organ(15Mb) operating, made in October 2012.

You can also see the a film of the Swell organ(5Mb) operating.

If you have trouble playing these swf files then 'right click' and 'save file' and then use a program such as swf opener (freeware) http://www.unhsolutions.net/downloads.html

Parts of the organ:-

Front of organ

Front with console, dummy radial pipes and large bass pipes

Organ Keyboard

The worn keyboard and stops

The pedals

The pedals

Great organ tracker action

The great organ operating (tracker action) mechanism

Air Reservoir

The bellows and air reservoir with metal weights on top to maintain air pressure 

Great organ pipes

The great organ pipes

Swell organ shutters above pipes

The swell organ shutters (above pipes)

Pedal pipes operating mechanism (tracker action)

Pedal pipes, wind chest and operating (tracker action) mechanism

Pedal pipes toe board

The pedal pipes toe board (notice debris and pipes leaning over)

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Our Organ Renovation

Origin and Development

Organ History

Press Release 16th October 2012 doc

YEP Article November 2012

Organ Survey pdf

Organ Builders Quotation pdf

Organ before removal
(sights and sounds)

Removal on 5th and 6th November 2012

Visit to the workshop on 23rd January 2013